#BBNaija: Nina’s boyfriend Collins deletes all her pictures on IG

Nina’s boyfriend Collins deletes all her pictures on IG Lailasnews2 (1)
Looks like all is not well with Nina’s Boyfriend, Collins, who has deleted all traces of Big Brother Naija housemate,
Nina from his Instagram page. Nina’s boyfriend, appears to have moved as a result of her several show of affection to fellow housemate Miracle.

Despite her confession that she loves him and would continue from where they stopped when she leaves the house, Collins seems to have had enough of her love display in the house.

Nina who is in love with her fellow housemate, Miracle, and has said multiple times on the show, that she was originally on the show for the money, but as of now, she is helplessly in love with Miracle.

Nina was trending on social media earlier today after she gave an oral job to her former strategic partner, Miracle and most people on social media think it’s “a normal” thing between lovers, while others feel it shouldn’t be done on live tv.
Now, her boyfriend, Collins, seem to be fed up with the whole shenanigan, as he has deleted all her pictures from his social media page.
Collins who had initially been supportive of her has now deleted all traces of her from his Instagram page, changed his handle and put it on private.

This comes after she gave a shoutout to his mom last night to mark Women’s day, writing..
“Happy International Women’s Day to my boo’s mummy, Collins mummy. I love you”
Nina is considered by many as the most sexually active contestant on the show. She doesn’t seem to shy away from it. In one of the videos of the miracle and Nina that went viral, Nina was seen taking position right on top of Miracle while he relaxed and their gestures indicated that she was probably riding him while on him.
Even one of Nigerian celebrities, Don Jazzy, who is a fan of the show, has noticed Nina’s attitudes in the house and he mentioned that he once had a lady that was just like Nina.
Don Jazzy tweeted;
Awwwww #YesMummy hehe lol this miracle and Nina na love in tokyo o lol #bbnaija
But wait if it was a guy doing this to …. never mind. What do I even know #bbnaija
Hahahaha I have had one babe like this Nina before. I used to leave and run 🏃🏿 to another room and lock the door. #bbnaija
I just heard things o. #bbnaija


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